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Do you have a damaged roof that needs to be replaced? Roofing is built to last, but in Alabama you have to deal with constant storms, heat, rain, and the daily wear and tear of life. When the time comes, Power House Roofing & Restoration has the highly skilled and experienced roofers to do the job right. Power House Roofing also has a trained estimator who will responsibly assess your roof conditions and offer appropriate solutions to your problems. Whether you need the roof repaired or need a full replacement, we can guide you in the right direction.

Power House Roofing specializes in:

• Asphalt shingle roof (Architectural shingles and 3-Tab shingles)
• Metal Roofs
• Wood shake
• Slate roofs

Most common Metal or Shingles roofs

In Alabama, the majority of homes will be asphalt shingles. The possibilities are endless when it comes to design. Color, texture, and design are offered in dozens of ways through Power House’s wide array of options. Check out our Roofing Shingles to see which fits your home the best.
While Asphalt may be prominent, many structures have metal roofs as well. This can range from warehouses to mansions. The choices are just as varied and the sleek appeal of metal can be customized with different color schemes to match your needs.

Roof warranty

A quality roof that is installed properly could, and should, last you for decades. That is why Power House Roofing installs roofs with a lifetime warranty on shingles through Atlas and Certainteed. Labor has a 5 year warranty.
What is Atlas and Certainteed? They are construction material manufacturers that offer quality warranties on the materials Power House uses.
With the low-bid mentality of many builders, some houses have been built with less than desirable roofing products. If your home was constructed before you moved in, it would be wise to get a professional to check the roof out. The tiniest of cracks could literally destroy wood, sheetrock, and carpet. In a single storm, your beautiful home could be left with sagging ceilings that leave horrendous blotches.

To Repair or Rebuild?

In a case, your roof is brand new or fairly new the repairs to a roof are usually simple and inexpensive. If it is an older roof, it is often better to hire professionals to place brand new shingles for the entire roof. If not done this way, you may end up playing checkers with the rain and weather for years to come. Go ahead and get it done right the first time. You will ultimately save thousands of dollars in the long run by doing this.

For a new roof construction, Power House Roofing provides lifetime warranties and ensures a high-quality roof the first time. In today’s market, the prices between competitors often should not direct the client’s decision. We all know the saying, “you get what you pay for.” With roofing, you realistically end up paying more when you try to pay less. Many companies bring in unprofessional, untrained workers to install shingles. This will leave you with an uneven, unsightly roof. We promise to always be professional and provide the quality work that your hard-earned dollars have paid for.

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