How do we replace your roof

  • Power House Roofing & Restoration believes that any good roof installation begins with professional preparation. When dealing with your home, our professionals begin by covering bushes and other landscaping with protective tarps or even plywood for special plants. Your rose bushes will be comfortably safe as we replace your roof.
  • Once the surroundings are secure, we strip the entire roof down to the decking. Some companies would simply place metal or shingle roofing over old shingles or leave old nails and attic vents. With Power House, we completely remove old vents, turbines, shingles, felt, and boots. While we are at it, we repair any decking that could be rotting or potentially cause problems in the future.
  • Once the roof is clean, we install an Ice and Water Shield. This is a 3-foot wide, self-adhering layer of rubber asphalt. With heat, Ice and Water seals against the decking and even envelopes the roofing nails used to place shingles. This is an amazing product that goes above and beyond the typical felt. The Ice and Water Shield is installed in valleys, around PVC pipes, and below the flashing on chimneys if present.
  • We cut the decking for ridge vent.
  • We use synthetic felt which does not disintegrate over time. If water does happen to slip underneath the shingles, it prevents water from entering the home. Synthetic felt also does not tear.
  • We install new boots and then install shingles. We use Atlas and Certainteed products in which you are provided with dozens of unique shingle color-choices.
  • Once the shingles are installed, we install hip and ridge cap shingles.
  • Unlike some of our competitors, we silicone everything. A roof must be completely watertight locked and protected from the weather elements. A tiny crack can allow water to penetrate your home. Power House’s years of expertise and knowledge give us the edge in preventing this from happening. Once your roof is secure, the area is then completely cleared of any debris and you are left with a pristine, new roof.

Power House uses Atlas products. When you purchase an Atlas product, you are getting a lifetime warranty. Every roofer must provide an invoice of complete work in order to get this warranty for every homeowner. This is great for the customer because it provides surety that the right components have been used to protect their home. Atlas requires the Atlas Synthetic felt, starter strip, architectural shingles, and hip and ridge in order to receive the full coverage. Atlas is also backed by Scotchguard, which protects against stains.

Avoid Common Roof Shingle Installation Mistakes

  • Always cover surroundings
  • Completely clear roof of old materials - old materials will cause leak sooner or later
  • Use the best felt - extra protection like Ice and Water Shield
  • Always use architectural shingles, they stand much higher winds, last longer and cost only a few hundred dollars more for the entire roof
  • Be careful to lay shingles in valleys, always make sure you follow the right directions
  • Properly vent the roof

Your roof is meant to last for years. Don’t skip corners and wind up calling in repairs every couple of years. The other guys may not have the quality or warranties offered. By trying to cut expenses, you may actually end up spending more. Get the most out of your new roof. Call Power House Roofing & Restoration.

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