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Storm Damage

What to do when your roof gets hit but wind or hail storm?

  • Document day and time
  • Collect evidence
  • Emergency repair
  • Call roofing company

If you experience hail or wind damage to your roof, document the time of day and date. Your insurance claims department will request this information to process your claim. Your claim may be validated with the local weather authority or other agencies.

Collect the evidence

If conditions permit and it is safe to go outside, utilize your camera and/or video for evidence of the storm and any damage.

  • Hail stones around house, outbuilding and cars
  • Hail stones beside measuring tape
  • Sings of wind damgage in yard - downed trees, limbs and debris
  • Roof shingles are ripped, missing and/or laying in yard
  • Dents from hail on metal roofing, air conditioning units, heat pumps, broken windows and car damage

Emergency roof repair

Emergency repair is necessary when wind or hail damage is causing immediate harm to your house by the outside elements. The most common immediate problem is roof leaking. Temporary fixes until professional help arrives, may include covering with a tarp, applying roof tape or cement.

Leaks can instantly do damage to the interior of your home. Water stains to sheetrock and ruined insulation happen rapidly with a leak. Rot and mold develop quicker than you think. It is imperative to stop the water from entering your home and have a damaged roof professionally repaired or replaced.