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Atlas Prestine, Roof replacement, Weathered Wood, wind demage

This beautiful house was damaged by wind at the end of 2017. 3 tab shingles are made to only withstand up to 60 mph winds. Which in the south we get quite regularly. Also without proper attic ventilation, the seal strip will deteriorate much faster and a lot less force winds will reek havoc on the 3 tab shingles. We installed the new roof - Atlas Pristine color Weathered Wood shingles. These shingles can withstand up to 130 mph winds. Also removed the whirly bird turbines from the back of the roof and added a ridge vent. The ridge vent will allow air flow up through the soffit vents and through the ridge vent installed along the ridge, properly ventilating the attic. That will add life to the new Atlas Pristine roof.


01 Atlas Pristine
02 Atlas Pristine
03 Atlas Pristine